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These distinctions are often used with counters, and are quite important in making a design. For our experiments, just leaving them unconnected is equivalent to tying them high.

The only real problem is the unexpected raising of conducting surfaces to line voltage, instead of ground, but this can be taken care of by using a polarized plug and ensuring that proper connection is made. Mar 24, datasheet, 2, The load function is synchronous in all four counters.

The crystal, which is a small metal cylinder with fine wire leads, will not drive a Pierce oscillator made with an MPF The counter will not count unless both are high. Digital Clock Using Gates Posted by ryandezz in forum: Two toggle flip-flops can be datashheet so they will count this way, as shown at the left. PNG format are preferred. Make this alteration, and see that you now have a modulo counter.

There are a variety of models that accomplish this, but for our purposes we are using the 74LS or the 74LS I will discuss their differences later because of their common application in the area of counting. Note that only one element has to be lighted, and a single dropping resistor used.

The clock functioned when power was first applied, except that the tens of hours counter had a problem with its reset, skipping “0.

RCO of the second counter will go high when the output is 99, so this can be used to enable a third counter, which will then count hundreds. datasheeg


Digital clock using 74ls160

It goes 60 – However, this one is easy to ratasheet and test, and brings out the essentials. During normal operation, such as counting mode, the clear input must be kept high either directly or through a pull up resistor.

Note that S of the master cannot be high when J is low, nor R high when K is low. The most important question when designing a clock is the means of display. Or, we can detect N2 – 1 on the outputs, and use it to load N1 on the next clock. Try this circuit, and you will find that it counts from 0 up to 8, and then returns to zero.

How does it work?

4-bit Synchronous Decade Counter with Asynchronous Clear

Now, it counts These decoders usually have active-low outputs, and can be used directly to drive LED’s. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

The seconds goes This is the Johnson counter that is based on a shift register of N stages. The states merely have to occur in order, so there is no significance in starting with If both are high, then the counter resets to 0 at once asynchronously. I can make the seconds go until 59 and reset to 00, but I don’t know where to connect on the next phase. Notify me of new comments via email. It may be 74ls16d0, but is not very instructive.

It is the output of the fifth flip-flop in the counter, datahseet is low during the 0 – 4 time intervals, and is high during 5 – 9. The counter will not clear until the button is pressed. When one approaches 74ls160e project such as this, it is best to study and understand all the details, and not to 74ls1160d a circuit diagram blindly. When the switch is again moved to run, the clocks will not experience an active clock edge and will not change unexpectedly.

A useful and frequently-used flip-flop is the 74LS74A dual D flip-flop. The same trick is used, but since the clearing is synchronous, the counter must be reset to 1, not 0. Similar counters with different numbers of outputs are also common. The uppermost power bus was devoted to V, not 5 V.


74LS Datasheet pdf – Synchronous Decade Counters(direct clear) – Hitachi Semiconductor

However, the classic JK flip-flop is level-sensitiveand does not depend on the quality of edges or speed of response. The output misnamed Carry Out, CO, is not a carry-out, but has a 74ls160 definite purpose.

The escapement is represented by the oscillator, analogous to the mechanical oscillators of a mechanical clock. When both J and K are high, the complement of the current state is fed back, so the flip-flop will toggle when E goes high.

For a clock, we need a modulo counter, which can be made as shown in the diagram by combining our two basic techniques. The key is to detect the 6 in the upper nibble, since the maximum count is to be If synchronous counters are used, it would be possible to preload the counters to any value, perhaps selected by thumbwheels, and then to start the clock at the proper moment.

The first time this will give us a clear output will be at 24, and this is just what we want. The debounced pushbutton is useful enough to make a permanent circuit in a small box, perhaps together with an LED logic probe or two.

The JK flip-flop does essentially the same thing as a D flip-flop, but is a little more flexible, since it has two inputs, called J and K, instead of only one. This is a standard exercise in digital design, to texts of which the reader is referred for general methods. The four counters are in a row, one in each connection unit.