For a reference manual, see Chapter 3 [Invoking a2ps], page 9. For the definition of some words, see Appendix A [Glossary], page Table of Contents. NAME. a2ps – format files for printing on a PostScript printer. SYNOPSIS. a2ps [OPTIONS] FILES a2ps [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION. Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided that the entire.

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Most of them make lpr the default, but it a2pa often possible to ask for a2ps, with or without command-line options, instead. John David Stone stone cs.

General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

However, the lpr program is rather limited. These are the options through which you may define the information you want to see all around the pages.

To exit gsenter Ctrl – C. The output may be sent to the printer or to the standard output or saved into a file. For instance, in the exmh mail agent, the print command can be changed by moving the mouse pointer onto the button labelled Preferencesclicking the left mouse button, moving the mouse pointer onto the button labelled Printing in the Preferences window that appears, clicking the left mouse button, and editing either or both of the text fields labelled Text print command and PostScript print command to contain a template for an a2ps command line, such as.

Here after bool stands for boolean. Many contributions changes, fixes, ideas were done by a2ps users in order to improve it.

Third, mixing several parsers within one program is not easy. Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on all copies. Many new features and improvements have been added since this first version. A new version was written in C by Miguel Santana for improve speed execution and portability.


As a2ps is not installed by default, you will normally have to install it yourself. The latest versions may be found on decrease order of service quality: This document describes pack version 4.

The a2ps program is a powerful, versatile tool that lets you convert simple text files into high-quality Manula output.

It can be a good candidate for generation of PostScript output syntactic pretty-printers, generation of various reports etc. It uses two special features wrt non-English languages: It is also possible to specify several closing markers, just by putting them one after the other, for instance taken for the ada style sheet: First it would have made the design of the style sheets much more tricky, and today pack would know only 4 or 5 languages.

The subroutines and source code in the pack package are “free”; this means that everyone is free to use them and free to redistribute them on a free basis. It defines the gray level used.

General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

Working with Ghostscript 6. These two are provided in the case pack would be used by a2px print service: If the command uses an argument, it is given between curly braces with no spaces between the command name and the argument. If the style is case insensitive, the case does not matter for the keyword, symbol and sequence recognition. The precise conditions of mnual licenses for the programs currently being distributed that relate to pack are found in the General Public Licenses that accompany them.

Compared to the previous versions, pack version 4. It does not know about sophisticated options like landscape orientation with the page image rotated ninety degreesa2pps printing using both the front and the back of each sheetor n -up printing multiple page images on the same side of the same sheet, side by side or in a rectangular grid. Manuak, the suffix of the file is compared with every name and abbreviation.


Headers, footers, titles and the water mark are strings in which some meta sequences are later replaced by their actual values.

a2ps – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation (FSF)

To make sure that everyone has such rights, we have to forbid you to deprive anyone else of these rights. Some people helped to the translation: If the width is negative, the value will be printed left-justified.

For the particular case of the special symbols, note that manuual may have to protect the symbols which are prefixed by them. Known languages pack version 4. Even portions of this very documentation are taken from the GNU enscript man pages.

The basic command for sending a file to a MathLAN printer is lprwith or without manuao command-line option -Pduerer-Ppacioli-Pescher-Pmoxonor -Ptory to specify a printer. By looking at the name of the file and the first few bytes of its contents, a2ps can usually determine what kind of a file it is.

So if you just want messages and time format to be localized, then define: This guide discusses a few of the features of a program called a2ps, which acts as an interface to a large selection of filters. This can be achieved with the command:. Hence, if one specifies that arguments of those functions should be ignored in the preamble of the LaTeX document, the numbering is emulated.

Calling pack is fairly simple: As for page device, those variables are device dependent: