Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored: The history, theory and practical applications of the Sacred Science. Aug 24, by Archibald Cockren and Sir Dudley. Archibald Cockren (Q). No description defined. edit Archibald. 0 references. date of death. 1 reference. imported from. More by Archibald Cockren. Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored. Archibald Cockren. from: $ Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored – Scholar’s Choice.

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After another fifteen months of toil he says: On the return journey I met with a merchant of Boulogne in Leon, and to him I was indebted for acquaintance with Master Candies, a doctor of great learning who was Jewish by nation but now a Christian. Rhasis, another Arabian alchemist, became famous for his practical displays in the art of transmutation of base metals into gold.

Germain changed a twelve sous piece into a pure gold coin. It was not made of paper or parchment as other books are, but of admirable rinds, as it seemed to me, of young trees; the cover of it was brass, well bound, and graven all over with a strange sort of letters, which I took to be Greek characters, or some such like.

To all students of the occult, and also chemists and medical men, as well as those of an inquiring mind, this book will come as a significant revelation”.

Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored – Archibald Cockren – Google Books

When I prayed afchibald, however, to entrust me with archibaldd morsel of his precious Stone, were it no larger than a rape seed he delivered it like a princely donation. This was done on a certain Monday, the seventeenth day of JanuaryPeronelle only being present. As a result he was cast into prison at the Castle of Purglitz near Prague where he remained untilwhen he was restored to favour. This I accomplished by coils of glass piping in water joined up with my receiver together with a perfect government of heat, the result being that the gas gradually condensed into a clear golden coloured water, very inflammable and very volatile.

She accordingly took her place as one archibzld his foremost adversaries, and even the friars of his own order refused his writings a place in their library.


That this grave should at last have been opened, and that the real, albeit hidden secrets which it contained should now stand revealed and proclaimed, must undoubtedly be regarded as an epoch-making event.

He only knows one thing — that he has found the name of that medicine in his books, and pluming himself on the antiquity of his hoary knowledge, he claims the right of prior possession.

Archibald Cockren – Wikidata

In he was still pursuing his research in mineralogy, medicine, surgery, and chemistry under the guidance of Sigismund Fugger, a wealthy physician of the city, but was forced to ardhibald Basle hurriedly after trouble with the authorities over his studies in necromancy. Let me quote from Section XII: He became imbued with a burning desire to spread the gospel among the followers of Mohammed, and to this end devoted years to the study of Mohammedan writings, the better to refute the Moslem teachings.

May God, who overrules the destinies of men, in His goodness and mercy bring about this consummation. In the tenth century Al Farabi enjoyed the reputation of being the most learned man of his age, and cockgen great alchemist of this century was Avicenna, whose real name was Ebu Cinna.

Unto him came running and flying with open wings a very old man, having an hour glass cockern upon his head and a scythe in his hands, like the figure of cockrrn, with which scythe he would have struck off the feet archibalx Mercury.

Although he numbered so many enemies among his fellow physicians, he also had his disciples, and for these no praise was too high for him. When I asked their reasons it was answered “We know the silver that comes from England, Spain, and other places, but this is none of these kinds. In England the first known alchemist was Roger Bacon, a scholar of archiald attainment, who was born in Somersetshire in One of the greatest proofs of the truth of this history is, in my opinion, the point at which Flamel refers to the attainment of the First Matter.

He was finally archbiald to appear before the young Elector of Saxony, to whose court he went somewhat reluctantly. He wishes to show that this science is the Law operating behind all Manifestation in Man; Man that is in his entirety, physical, mental, and spiritual, and to demonstrate how it is bound up in the coxkren evolution and unfoldment of the race, for without this understanding the vision of Man made perfect is impossible.


Co Archibald Cockren — sister projects: At that age lie is reputed to have been able to run and jump like a young man.

Author:Archibald Cockren

During that time Kelly made projection of one minim on an ounce and a quarter of mercury and produced nearly an ounce of best gold, which gold was afterwards distributed from the crucible. The years and found him in complete charge of all electrical, massage, manipulative, and remedial exercises archubald the Russian Hospital for British Officers in South Audley Street, London.

And now to the final goal, the Philosopher’s Stone. His most famous work is his ‘ Currus Triumphalis Antimonii’ ‘ The Triumphal Chariot of Antimony ‘ It has been translated into German, French, and English, and has done more to establish his reputation as a chemist than any other. In this process which is one of continued sublimation, a long necked, hermetically sealed flask is used, and one can watch the vapour rising up the neck of the flask and condensing down the sides.

The three principles were then conjoined in certain exact quantities in a hermetically sealed flask in a fixed heat neither too hot nor too cold, care as to the exact degree of heat being essential, as any carelessness in its regulation would completely spoil the mixture. It was very hard to find, I ordered my copy from a bookstore in South Africa after a very thorough search.

He asked the Marquis for a silver six-franc piece, and covering it with a black substance, exposed it to the heat of a small flame or furnace.