Bernard Tschumi – Six Concepts Excerpt from Architecture and Disjunction CONCEPT I: Technologies of Defamiliarization In the mids small pockets of . For Bernard Tschumi, there is no architecture “without event, without activity, without way to the dynamic; finally, the one of synthesis is replaced by disjunction.

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Books by Bernard Tschumi. I atchitecture not believe you can design deconstruction. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I stress this because other technological advances, such as the invention of the elevator or the nineteenth century development of steel construction, have been the subject of countless studies by historians, but very little such work exists in terms of contemporary technologies because these technologies do not necessarily produce historical forms.

It also will not happen by simply commenting, through design, on the various dislocations and uncertainties of our contemporary condition.

Enter the email address archjtecture signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In a mediatized world, this relentless need for change is not necessarily to be understood as negative.

But what does this hierarchy mean today, when the structure often remains the same — an endlessly repetitive and neutralized grid? Want to Read saving….

Office Projects Publications News Contact. El papel de la arquitectura no es expresar una estructura social existente, sino funcionar como una herramienta para cuestionar esa estructura y modificarla. Contemporary philosophy has touched upon this relationship between frame tschummi image — here the frame is seen as the structure, the armature, and the image as the ornament.

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Included are a number of seminal essays that incited broad attention when they first appeared in magazines and journals, as well as more recent and topical texts. If the design of pillars reflects the conventionality of a supporting frame, maybe we might get disjuntcion of pillars altogether.


After all, what would happen to insurance premiums and to reputations if the building collapsed? We have also seen that to endorse this logic means that any work is interchangeable with any other, just as we accelerate the shedding of the skin of a dormitory and replace it with another. Edouard rated it it was amazing Feb 21, To quote Leon Battista Alberti: Jillian rated it it was amazing Jan 20, Jan 31, Laurasmoot rated it really liked it Shelves: These texts are revolutionary, traversing the entire field of architecture while remaining engrossing and highly readable.

Technologies of Defamiliarization In the mids small pockets of resistance began to form benard architects in various parts of the world — England, Austria, the United States, Japan for the most part, djsjunction advanced dishunction cultures — started to take advantage of this condition of fragmentation and superficiality and to turn it against itself. View all 6 comments. Over fifty years after the publication of Benjamin’s text, we may have rachitecture say that shock is still all we have left to communicate in a time of generalized information.

Hence, in works like The Manhattan Transcripts, the definition of architecture could not be form or walls, but had to be disjunctioon combination of heterogeneous and incompatible terms. Interestingly, the specific technologies — air-conditioning or the construction of lightweight structures or computer modes of calculation — have yet to be theorized in architectural culture.

He argues for focusing on our immediate cultural situation, which is distinguished by a new postindustrial “unhomeliness” reflected in the ad hoc disjuncfion of buildings with multipurpose program s.

Social critics regularly question the image, yet rarely question the apparatus, the frame. Gerardo rated it it was amazing Aug 15, Disjuntion About Architecture and Isabel Malta rated it it was amazing Mar 19, Architecture was seen as the combination of spaces, events, and movements without any hierarchy or precedence among these concepts.


Dixjunction, for those for whom architecture in not necessarily about comfort and geborgenheitbut is also about disjnction society and its development, the device of shock may be an indispensable tool. Architecture and Disjunction, which brings together Tschumi’s essays from tois a lucid and provocative analysis of many of the key issues that have engaged architectural discourse over Tschumi has gathered all of the pristine and untouchable facets of a traditional architectural form and theory, turning his piercing and intense beam of light upon their crystalline surfaces until they shatter.

Bernard Tschumi Architects

Regardless of whether they are the result of chance combinations, or are due to the pressure of ever-rising land prices, such non-causal relationships between form and function, or space and action go beyond poetic confrontations of unlikely bedfellows.

Yes, fiction and narrative fascinated many architects, perhaps because, our enemies might say, we knew more about books than about buildings. In the Transcripts the distinction between structure or frameform or spaceevent or functionbody or movementand fiction or narrative was systematically blurred through superimposition, collision, distortion, fragmentation, and so forth. By definition, it is the place of the combination of differences.

Under Tschumi, architecture schintillates in a magnificent, engrossing supernova integration critical theory, literature, art, deconstruction, archetype, sociolinguistics, Bataille’s erotic sublime.

Bernard Tschumi

Remember me on this computer. Raymond rated it really liked it Jun 10, Feb 20, Devin rated it really liked it. You cannot design a new definition of cities and their architecture. The same could be said of much of Sergei Eisenstein’s theory of film montage.