The Ashcroft® type Duragauge® Process Gauge provides dependability, safety and performance. Used throughout the served markets, its manufacture is . (3) Not available with silicone filled case (XGV option). Type Duragauge® Pressure Gauge. Available With PLUS!™ Performance Option. Ashcroft Inc., . The Ashcroft® Type Duragauge® pressure gauge is offered in ” phenolic case for superior chemical and heat resistance. Dry, liquid-filled, hermetically.

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Ashcroft Type Duragauge Pressure Gauge PSI S-SL# – FLW, Inc.

The ring is glass-filled polypropylene. FLW will not be beat on price, quality or service. Call our toll free number or email for information on modifications or options which are not listed.

Its glass-filled polypropylene case is highly impact resistant and holds up well in awhcroft environments.

Molded threads at the front and rear of the case provide axial seals with the use of threaded rings. Many options which are not shown are available. Like the Ashcroft process pressure ashcrofft, it can be easily field converted from the weatherproof version to either the sealed or liquid-filled version using an optional kit. Viewed from the front, it appears to be a 6″ gauge.


Over 10, pressure gauges in stock. This general-purpose gauge offers truly functional styling and economy.

Ashcroft Duragauge® Pressure Gauges Type 1279, Grade (±0.5%)

Ranges 50, 80, andpsi are available in 6″ hermetically sealed and liquid-filled cases. Call or email for information on special modifications, chemical seals, complete assemblies or other applications. Pressure Gauges are readily available with chemical seals and capillaries of any length. Its black epoxy coating and its tough aluminum weatherproof case easily allow application in a variety of climatic conditions.

1279 Duragauge® Pressure Gauge

This rugged, solid-front aluminum case pressure gauge is tops in its field. Fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic case. Designed for flush mounting, this solid-front gauge is ideal for panel board applications.

All size cases are coated with black epoxy which will withstand most environmental conditions. These Ashcroft process pressure gauges are in stock for immediate delivery.

The Ashcroft Type process pressure gauge is offered with an as-welded bourdon tube to aahcroft longer life than competitive gauges. The weatherproof gauge is easily field converted to a hermetically sealed or liquid-filled gauge with a special kit. This solid-front gauge is designed for greater ashcrofy by using a large 6″ dial and a durable 4.


The result is a process pressure gauge that will fit most applications at a price that represents outstanding value. Type pressure gauge 4. The solid-front Typs phenolic case gauge is truly an industry first.

Type Duragauge pressure gauge 4. It is available as a weatherproof hermetically sealed or liquid-filled version in 4. Call or email for assistance.

Call or email for information on special modifications or options. In the weather-proof version, the pressure relief back is polypropylene, fastened with stainless steel screws. Pressure gauges are readily available with chemical seals and capillaries of any tyle.