Blood Pact (Gaunt’s Ghosts) [Abnett Dan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gaunt and his men are his men are drawn into a web of intrigue . Blood Pact by Dan Abnett, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. , This article is about the novel; for the Chaos cult, see Blood Pact. Blood Pact is the twelfth novel in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series by Dan Abnett.

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Has the Warmaster allowed himself to become an unwitting target? In the midst of these problems, Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt is summoned to a clandestine meeting.

About Dan Abnett Dan Abnett is a novelist and award-winning comic book writer. While the initial stages of the novel set up the characters nicely, once the focus shifts to the story everything is cranked up a gear and Abnett’s storytelling prowess comes into full force.

Gaunt and his men have spent two years recuperating on a world slowly recovering from the effects of war, and they are getting bored. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt was one of the last people to leave the planet before its demise, and was saved by a youth called Brin Milo, whom he took with him in gratitude.

A sub-plot in Salvation’s Reach follows Doc Dorden’s battle against terminal cancer, and his determination to serve the Tanith First until the very end.

Two years have passed since the ferocious battle for Hinzerhaus Fortress on Jago. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 32mm His opinion of them changed quickly after seeing them in combat. In one of these errors a character in Titanicus invokes Princeps Hekate protagonist of the Titan: A prisoner with very valuable information who refuses to talk to anyone but Gaunt.

The Verghastite cap badge is an axe-rake to symbolise their former hive’s mining and industrial background. The main Tanith curse-word is fethwhich is used in the same context as “fuck”, but it is also the name of an ancient Tanith tree-god.

It can be read as a stand-alone, unlike, say, Only In Deathbut I don’t recommend it as the series does have arcs. Feb 06, Mhoram rated it really liked it. Yes the series is set in bpood warhammer universe and is strange and violent, but I love it Great book, love his work. It recounts Gaunt’s own mentally internalised struggle to survive after being severely wounded in the events of the previous novel; moments of spiritual communion also establish portents for his future.


He proves to have known of him from his work on Gereon. Subscribe to Our Lact Newsletter.

The main export of Tanith was nalwood, which becomes extremely rare after the planet’s destruction. Lord-General Noches Sturm, the disgraced senior officer relieved of command during the siege on Vervunhive when caught attempting to desert, is captured by the forces of Chaos while en route to a military tribunal.

Dec 28, Tobin rated it really liked it. What follows is a fun romp where Gaunt and a group of Ghosts have to protect the prisoner from the frighteningly effective Chaos special forces troops loyal to Khorne, they are from the Blood Pact after all, hence the books title while another under Major Rawne are fighting for their lives following a supremely hilarious early incident that involved a theft from a gambling institution that landed many of them Rawne included in the brig.

The situation in the Mons is grim; desertion is high, morale is low, and most of the Imperial soldiers are inexperienced grunts. Warhammer 40, George Mann. But before the prisoner can speak, the base is attacked by enemy agent A slightly different book from Abnett’s normal battlefield Gaunt’s Ghosts efforts – this is more on-the-run thriller, crossed with double-cross spy novel.

As the Ghosts are separated we get different viewpoints throughout the novel, from Gaunt’s first hand experience with the prisoner and enemy, to the behind-the-scenes developments back at base, and the aftermath of Rawne and his groups early venture into hustling, it all fits together nicely and compliments the story as a whole. Open Preview See a Problem? And its not about the lack of battlefield, like in this specific one.

The Ghosts hear only fragments of the news, and ready themselves. After a calm, intriguing opening it quickly turns into a breathless, gripping story that keeps you turning the page, desperate to find out what happens.

Search anything and hit enter. Refresh and try again. Gone are the insane battle scenes and the action is a bit sparce when compared to the other books in this series.

It is worth noting that following the merge with the 81st Belladon, the Tanith First’s organisational structure changes; companies using alphabetical call-signs replace the previous numerical platoons. Abnett has done it again. The series began as a continuing set of loosely connected short stories in the Black Library magazine Inferno! Events turn as Gaunt is summoned to Balhaut’s Commissariat headquarters.

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The Nalsheen used proto-Gothic — the early form of both High and Low Gothic used presently in the Imperium — as their private language. Jun 13, Mary Catelli rated it it was dzn Shelves: And this review may spoil the earlier works.

It was a heavily forested world located in the Sabbat Worlds, a cluster of planets in the Segmentum Pacificus. As the Ghosts withdraw, General Noches Sturm of the Royal Volpone and his adjutant, Major Gilbear, both of whom were disdainful of Gaunt and pct “low-born” soldiers, order the Ketzok to bombard the Tanith as they fall back to their base.

Blood Pact – Dan Abnett

However, Gaunt must also see to the protection of the incarcerated Mabbon, deal with the malcontents within the Tanith First, and cope with personal issues that he never anticipated. So Dan Abnett and written yet another Gaunt’s Ghosts book. Other books in this series. An excellent change of pace as Gaunt and his Ghosts tangle with both the Inquisition and the Commissariat as they try to protect a high value prisoner from a Chaos kill squad in the middle of a major city.

I for one hopes that Abnett will make more stops in the Sabbath Worlds. I usually sit down to read for about 30 minutes each night before I go to bed, with some books its difficult to plow through one chapter a night, with Blood Blpod, I was worried about the lack of sleep I was getting.

Blood Pact (Novel) | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ugh, but I bloid it. Dedicated readers will no doubt think that Abnett is rehashing an old story line, told in Traitor General. This small fleet attacked and conquered six worlds, one of which was Tanith.