Um zur Bedienung der Steuerung eine andere Hand Brother MFC‐ PCL5 and PCL6. Y. PCL Laser Toshiba e‐STUDIO PCL5 and/or PCL6. Y. Brother FAXmc 29 Bedienungsanleitung Brother FAX Brother FAX- 30 Bedienungsanleitung Brother FAXC Brother FAXC weekly bedienungsanleitung.

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Es ist der Bereich wo die Naviagtionssymbole angezeigt werden. You can use the handset or if you have FAXe you can use the Speakerphone to make and receive calls. Most keys on the dial bedienungsanleihung have three or four letters printed above them.

Jetzt startet die Reinigung, das dauert eine kleine Weile. Also, notifies you that you have voice or fax messages in the memory. You must answer all calls yourself.

Making Copies Copy Functions To make a single copy that is not reduced, enlarged or sorted, you only have to press one key. Set the fax machine to Manual mode. The telephone number will be printed only on your cover pages and on the call back messages. Also inserts a pause in autodial numbers.

In order to operate within the limits for compliance with Telecom’s Specifications, the associated equipment shall be set to ensure that automatic calls to different numbers are spaced such that there is no less than 5 seconds between the end of one call attempt and the beginning of another.


Brother FAX-1010 User Manual

Page 81 Changing the Fax Forwarding Number You can change the default setting of your fax forwarding number from a fax-13355 fax machine. It is only to help the caller understand the status of your bedienungsanleihung. You will soon get used to the unusual fax tones on your phone line, and be able to send and receive faxes easily. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. Choosing a Location Place your fax machine on a flat, stable surface, such as a desk.

Playing Voice Messages Follow the steps below to listen to voice messages. You can erase voice messages individually, or all at once.

???? Brother Fax Bedienungsanleitung

Nur Geduld — ca. Menu Main Menu Selections 1. A list of Authorized Service Centres has been included for your convenience, beidenungsanleitung you may contact the Brother Dealer for Service. Retrieving the Memory Status List You can retrieve the Memory Status List from a remote fax machine to see bedienungsanleitun you have any fax messages.

Page 16 Navigation Keys: See Entering Text, page Diese Bedienungsanleitung beruht auf unseren Erfahrungen und Vorgehensweisen bei den unterschiedlichen Druckermodellen.

Record four seconds of silence at the beginning of your message. Page of Go. Page 96 Never push objects of any kind into this product through cabinet slots, since they may touch dangerous voltage points or short out parts resulting in a risk of fire or electric shock.


Page 99 For Your Safety To ensure safe operation the three-pin plug supplied must be inserted only into a standard three-pin power point which is effectively grounded through the normal household wiring. Remote Commands Remote Commands Follow the commands below to access features remotely.

Brother Fax 930 Bedienungsanleitung

The other party has disconnected during a call or fax. You can set the machine to send a cover page whenever you send a fax. This function works when you receive the incoming Voice bedienunngsanleitung at the remote cordless phone externally connected to the fax machine. However, you can also connect a separate telephone to your machine, as shown below. You may also have reached a number not connected to a fax.

Brother: Maintenance-Modus | Link Verzeichnis

You can also program and change some settings for bediebungsanleitung Message Centre. Difficulty With Operation This can be caused by static or interference on the telephone line.

Viewing Caller ID List Caller ID memory stores information for up to thirty brdienungsanleitung when the thirty-first call comes in, information about the first call is erased.