Circus Galacticus [Ms. Deva Fagan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rebel. Champion gymnast. Intergalactic traveler? Trix can deal with. Get the Circus Galacticus at Microsoft Store and compare products with the latest customer reviews and ratings. Download or ship for free. Free returns. Circus Galacticus. Kate Quealy-Gainer. Fagan, Deva. Circus Galacticus. Harcourt , [p]. ISBN $ Reviewed from galleys R Gr.

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All the generous folks who read portions of the manuscript, including Karen Jordan Allen, R.


Thank you to all my readers, and to the booksellers and librarians and teachers who have helped them connect with books! She thinks she may be able to find answers at the Circus Galacticus which is in town and Trix was the only one to see secret writing on the poster. He swung from a strange mixed up Willy Wonka man to a reclusive and closed mouthed spiritual guide.

I really wavered over giving this book two or three stars, three because I did finish it and wasn’t terribly bored, but two stars because it didn’t make sense and the story had such a weak ending that was very message-y, you know, trying to teach a lesson of empowerment to young women.

Book Reviews for Tweens and Teens – Library Lady: Circus Galacticus Book Review

Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The school ends up going on a trip to the Circus Galacticus and only Trix can see special writing on the circu This one was a decent YA story, not great, not terrible.

We won a basket of books at the school carnival and I picked this one out for vacation. Think Luke Skywalker in a circus. That is, until she comes to find out that she’s just signed onto an intergalactic circus.


That’s all I have left of my folks now.

It’s a story about friendship and coming of age, cirxus all the normal things middle school level books are about. It is available at your local library and wherever books are sold.

Okay, I admit, I picked this up just so I could fulfill a buy-one-get-one-free deal. I did enjoy the book.

I was a little worried about liking this book, it looks more like a middle grade than a young adult but the idea of a circus set in space was impossible to resist and while it definitely had its flaws, I’m happy I read it. This was balacticus of those books I picked up because I was avoiding housework.


Circus Galacticus is well-written and truly very easy to enjoy. Beatrix Ling Trix was orphaned when her astronaut parents died in a space accident.

Circks Circus Galacticus has come to town, bringing acts to amaze, delight, and terrify. I just have the book to my year-old son How cool it would be to have an intergalactic circus! Trix has always believed she was special. In the meantime, here, check out this fantastic documentary I saw recently on the lives of several kids involved with the traveling youth circus Circus Smirkus.

Then we learn cirdus her deceased parents left her a weird space rock, and someone is after it.

Please provide an email address. Trivia About Circus Galacticus. Book titles OR Journal titles. The Circus is of the space-traveling variety, and galaxticus Ringmaster invites Trix to climb on board the Big Top spaceship where she is introduced to a world of gravity-bending acrobats, mind-boggling techies, one multi-legged trash compacter, and an eons-old battle between the conformity-obsessed Mandate and the more inclusive Tinkers.


New video from Zooborns of a playful baby elephant! But her life is about to change forever. Circus Galacticus was originally acquired by Henry Holt, who I will always be thankful to for publishing my first two books. I’m 14, and don’t really like this book. One thing that stuck out to me the most was the similarity between the ‘Ring Leader’ and Dr.

Albeit, if you like a fantasy novel that whisks you all over the universe, incorporates some very whimsical themes e. Aliens and gadgets abound, as do allies with their own special Tinker power and enemies trying to suppress that power, a spaceship that’s alive with many mysterious corridors, and too much to even begin to cover, and really, they’d be better serviced by reading the book instead of this review.

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Who, actually, even the ‘big top’ that they fly in seems an awful lot like a Tardis I never really warmed up to the idea of it because it wasn’t circuss enough and the characters themselves seemed just as mystified by it. Meet the Earther Beatrix “Trix” Ling: A dangerous presence in the universe is after her, and she must determine why before it is too late. It’s sounds like the name of some blueberry I don’t really like this book very much.

It is a book I would consider keeping for my own children some day to read and enjoy.