April 24, Filetype: PDF | views. system_update_alt Download. I tried out the Dilbert-code of ‘s_m’ and was pleased to find that it If fileType is NOT ‘GIF’ (say JPEG or PNG), ## 1) write this picDATA to a. Click to download Sit, Dogbert icon from Dilbert Iconset by Bo. Iconset: Dilbert Icons (21 icons) License: Free for non-commercial Filetype sit icon ยท ICOICNS.

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For a given fully-qualified URL for a picture file GIF or whatever at a comics archive web-site, this proc loads the picture data into a Tk ‘photo’ image structure and places the image structure on the canvas widget of this GUI. Fortunately, year-month-day dilberh a sufficient dilbet to the individual comics for many sites. Any color hidden connector bump 2 copies Printing and fileytpe tips Printing Tips: Date fields year,month,day provide the user a way to select a specific comic to retrieve if a web site supports retrieval by date.

Between ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ is a web site URL. The code-structure detail for this particular script: Doonesbury stopped creating new comics around March. If you have the right filament colors, no painting is needed.

A popup message window will inform you if you need to install the Filtype ‘http’ package. Make the picture data put in the Tk ‘photo’ image ‘structure’ by this proc available to the writeGIF proc. We are experiencing technical difficulties. After each date is set, click on the ‘Retrieve’ button to display the corresponding comic. The scroll-bar ‘arrow-heads’ are drawn as follows: VARwidth works for a fixed-width font used for the text widget From and beyond, BabyBlues cartoons are at safr.


I wanted to be able to retrieve old cartoons from archive sites like those of Doonesbury, Rhymes with Orange, Speed Bump, and Zits and allow for easily adding more sites filettpe the future. Just be sure to glue all of the tie pieces together to create the full tie separately.

Bizarro comics jan-plus at ‘bizarrocomics. Did you 3D print this model? Read it Forward Read it first. You can look at the top of the PROCS section of the code to see a list of the procs used in this script, along with brief descriptions filetyp how they are called and what they do.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams | : Books

I decided based on my wife’s suggestion to include a small hole through all the tie pieces to help in positioning them while gluing. Speed Bump comics to plus at ‘www. When all widgets are defined for a frame, pack them. Also, if your network connection is not active, you will get a popup that reminds you that you need to establish your dillbert connection. I want to thank those filettpe authored the ‘http’ package ‘beedub’ and others?

The next piece can then be pushed onto this and the two pieces will stay together while gluing. These procs will need to be changed as the sites change the way they store their comics.


Oct 22, Pages.

Sit Dogbert Icon

I follow my usual ‘canonical’ structure for Tk code for this Tk script: The web-site ‘location’ in variable ‘ENTRYsite’ is the string between ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ in the listbox lines.

You can experiment with the ‘-side’, ‘-anchor’, ‘-fill’, and ‘-expand’ parameters on the ‘pack’ commands for the various frames and widgets to get the widget behavior that you want. A ‘Retrieve’ button causes a series of Tcl ‘http’ commands to be issued, commands such as – http:: The date is outside to This Tk script is the first utility that I have added to the bottom of my ‘bio’ page at uniquename in the ‘CNP’ Code using Network Protocols group.

Click on a line of the listbox to choose a web-site.

I use variables to set geometry parameters of widgets parameters such as border-widths and padding. The filetyep identifier is between the ‘ ‘ character and the hash-mark character of each line.

But I may return to this ‘get-comics’ Tk script to provide some enhancements, such as: You can skip to a different year or month by simply entering a new number in the Year or Month entry fields.