Answered by: Tom Kyte – Last updated: January 24, – am UTC. Category: Database Ok, so it has been four years since Expert One on One Oracle has been released. Author of this Tip: Thomas Kyte. Tom Kyte. Source code for ‘Expert One-on-One Oracle’ by Thomas Kyte – Apress/exp-one- on-one-oracle. A proven best-seller by the most recognized Oracle expert in the world. * The best Oracle book ever written. It defines what Oracle really is, and.

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Include softcopy of examples either online or with the book. It is much easier to download the code from net. So I’ll save you the effort of typing it again. October 12, – 5: Keep the project onf in, add more if you can. It will be great if both 9i and 10g can be covered. Just my 2 cts.

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As for whether the first edition was too heavy – that’s why they’re making laptops smaller and smaller, so you can get the book in your briefcase!! Advanced Queuing explained 7.


You can expand a multi-volume set with more frequent tyomas. One volume, unless you’re talking about writing something bigger than Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”.

This is because most of us now only develop web-based applications. I’ve seen a few technical authors out there who ramble and gloat endlessly, or dumb it down too much. Wish the book could be made available for purchase as download, but then there will be a problem with sharing.

Saves us the time to look it up! Tom, I think you could easily switch to three volumes with all of the information that would be added.

I really appreciate the wonderful things that you are doing to the Oracle community. He is a very generous with his time, but also perpetually busy answering questions on his web site he was connected with a laptop and cell phone tgomas he started the presentation. Chris from Alexandria, VA. The only thing to add is that I will be very pleased to see an update to Expert I’ll buy it all either way as would probably most of your readers.

Expert One-on-One Oracle: Thomas Kyte: : Books

I found the index in the original to be good – but I didn’t think the index in Effective Oracle by Design was very good. If you go that way make sure that you can output it in a book format for those who are will to pay dearly for it. And so a CD with example is a very big “sized” container Thank you also for the books. Second backup and recover. No matter how ‘techy’ we are as a community, we all need a good laugh every now and then Radha Krishnan from Princeton, NJ.


My main time for reading this stuff is standing on the train, so I like light books: Online distribution has worked for Eckel.

Expert One-on-One Oracle – Thomas Kyte – Google Books

Then go through backing up and recovering the system [possibly manually and with RMAN]. More Datawarehousing scenarios September 03, – 4: I wouldn’t change too much as it is excellent the way it is.

I suspect this may not be possible with Dead Tree Technology as it currently stands, alas. One for home, one for the office.