Application use of the Z-wave device – Universal Binary Sensor Fibaro. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor FGBS The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module that makes it possible to improve the functionality of any sensor with a binary output by allowing it to.

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Compatible with any Z-Wave Controller Advanced microprocessor control Compatible with regular and parametric alarm lines can be connected to 2 alarm detectors Compatible with binary sensors can be connected to 2 binary outputs Compatible with DS18B20 temperature sensors can be connected to four DS18B20 temperature sensors This device may be used with all devices certified with Z-Wave certificate and should be compatible with such devices produced by other manufacturers.

In the packaging with the dimensions of 65mm x 65 mm x 45 mm senso can find the device itself and the manual. It was designed to work with sensors and alarm systems, changing its state would be dangerous for security measures.

Our advice dibaro to program a periodical automatic update of it.

Fibaro universal binary sensor with Z-Wave | Domotica For All

This is particularly important since you have no visual feedback no LEDs on the device and therefore you may think that the device is not working. The settings are available in the FIBARO interface as simple options that may be chosen by selecting the appropriate box. In summary, with the universal sensor Fibaro we can connect any two binary sensors and temperature sensors DS18B20 4. Adding Inclusion — Z-Wave device learning mode, allowing to fiharo the device to existing Z-Wave network.

Fibaro universal binary sensor

Association ensures direct transfer of control commands between devices, is performed without participation of the main controller and requires associated device to be in the direct range. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Cable sensors Another and probably the main use of the universal sensor is the integration of the existing cable sensors, e. If monostable keys are used and the value of parameter no. So each time someone rings the bell you can get a Push notification to your smartphone or a picture from the IP camera.


Do not cut or shorten the antenna — its length is perfectly matched to the band in which the system ope. In the case of alarm frames the alarm priority is specified. A pair of inputs for binary sensors that are mirrored to the output pins, by using them you can control the loads up to mA 1-conductor “network” interface that supports up to 4 DS18B20 temperature sensors Possible applications System of four temperature sensors Since the module supports the connection of up to four DS18B20 temperature sensors, these sensors must be connected before adding the universal sensor.

In extreme cases, system response may be delayed. The device can service up to two binary sensors and up to four DS18B20 temperature sensors. The device offers the possibility of sending commands compatible with Command Class Scene Activation. Through the parent device will make the adjustment SBUF configurable parameters.

Be the first to review this product. What yould you use this device for? The maximum output of 0,15A can be increased with the use of a relais. Connection to a regular alarm line. More information are available in the document: The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module that makes it possible to improve the functionality of any sensor with a binary output by allowing it to communicate with the wireless Z-Wave system.

Metal surfaces in the direct vicinity of the antenna e. Make sure that no metal parts of other devices or conductors come into close contact with the installed device. We also have four 3-pin socket for connecting sensors DS18B20, either directly or through extension cords. Of course, this universal sensor can be used to create a Z-Wave door-bell as showed below in the scheme. This is the maximum acceptable difference between the last reported temperature and the current temperature taken from the sensor.


If you are slow, they are not recognized as triple-click and nothing happens.

You can reset the sensorr by disconnecting it from the power supply, then reconnecting while pressing the button for at least 10 seconds. I got tired of being Engineer Power Point and I decided to undertake. Add to Cart Compare. Leave a Comment Leave a Reply. The sensor can be set to Normal Open or Normal Closed.

To sum up, we can say that this small device is astonishing. The device requires direct-voltage supply DC in the V interval. Manual We used it to automate this normal doorbell: Less reviews More reviews. Product reviews Tutorials Software tests Contact kk. Home automation is now for everyone.

For example, for a smoke detector connected to input IN1 the user should declare the frame type 1 — ALARM SMOKE value of 1 should be enteredto ensure that the remaining devices will correctly recognize information on smoke detector alarm. You will then need to disconnect and connect it once again to make the reset effective. binaru

It can be only GND signal. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Motherboard test To analyze the behavior of the sensor in different applications, we can build a simple test circuit, which comfortably acoplaremos inputs and outputs of the device. What is a Universal Binary Sensor?

Universal Binary Sensor Fibaro

Each of them may force two conditions for corresponding device channels: You are commenting using your WordPress. Another way to distinguish it through Settings tab device configuration; see ID field node number. Use conductors made from a single wire with a length of up to fiharo meters in order to connect the DS18B20 sensors. You can also connect to a 9V battery if you want the device to be portable.