A distal radius fracture, also known as wrist fracture, is a break of the part of the radius bone which is close to the wrist. Symptoms include pain, bruising, and. La fractura de Colles se caracteriza por una posición hacia atrás y hacia afuera de la mano en relación a la muñeca. Fractura de Colles. Learn more about Fractura de Colles at Virginia Complete Care for Women DefiniciónCausasFactores de riesgoSíntomasDiagnósticoTratamientoPrevenció.. .

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Decreased sensation over the thenar eminence can be due to median nerve injury.

Fractura de Colles by Makoke Robles on Prezi

After that, Robert William Smith, professor of surgery in Dublin, Ireland, first described the characteristics of volar displacement of distal radius fractures. Posteroanterior, lateral, and oblique views can be used together to describe the fracture. Retrieved 18 October Therefore, periodic reviews are important to prevent malunion of the displaced fractures.

Two newer treatment are fragment-specific fixation and fixed-angle volar plating. InAbraham Colles described the characteristics of distal end radius fracture. Ombredanne, a Parisian surgeon infirst reported the use of nonbridging external fixation in the management of distal radius fractures. In people over 60, functional impairment can last for more than 10 years. This can be due to the tendon coming in contact with protruding bone or with hardware placed following surgical procedures.

Manipulative reduction and immobilization were thought to be appropriate for metaphyseal unstable fractures. An arthroscope can be used at the time of fixation to evaluate for soft-tissue injury. There are three major groups: An X-ray image of a fractured radius showing the characteristic Colle’s fracture with displacement and angulation of the distal end of the radius.


Risk of injury increases in those with osteoporosis. In the 18th century, Petit first suggested that these types of injuries might be due to fractures rather than dislocations. Some of these patients tolerate severe deformities and minor loss of wrist motion very well, even without reduction of the fracture.

Average age of occurrence is between 57 and 66 years. Variations in immobilization techniques involve the type of cast, position of immobilization, and the length of time required in the cast. These scoring systems measures the ability of a person to perform a task, pain score, presence of tingling and numbness, the effect on activities of daily living, and self-image.

However, several studies suggest this approach is largely ineffective in patients with high functional demand, and in this case, more stable fixation techniques should be used. Older people with osteoporosis who are still active are at an increased risk of getting distal radius fractures. Very rarely, pressure on the muscle components of the hand or forearm is sufficient to create a compartment syndrome.

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For those with low demand, cast and splint can be applied for two weeks. Both scoring systems show good reliability and validity. A Frractura fracture as seen on X-ray: It is measured clinically.

His work was met with skepticism from colleagues and little recognition, since the article was published after he died. Initially, a backslab or a sugar tong splint is applied to allow swelling to expand and subsequently a cast is applied. Inwith the advent of X-rays, the visualisation of the distal radius fracture become more apparent.


People usually present with a history of falling on an outstretched hand and complaint of pain and swelling around the wrist, sometimes with deformity around the wrist. Is a cast as useful as dr splint in the treatment of a distal radius fracture in a child”. Injury, Infection, and Critical Care. Significant advances have been made in ORIF treatments. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Recovery over 1 to coloes years [1].

Surgical options have been shown to be successful in patients with fractuta extra-articular or minimal articular distal radius fractures. Classification of distal radius fractures.

File:Colles fracture.JPG

Occasionally, fractures may not be seen on X-rays immediately after the injury. D ICD – A large proportion of these fractures occur in elderly people who may have less requirement for strenuous use of their wrists.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Maisonneuve fracture Le Fort fracture of ankle Bosworth fracture. Pain medicationelevation [1]. Although the nonsurgical group exhibited greater anatomic misalignment such as radial deviation, and ulnar variance, these changes did not seem to have significant impact on overall pain and quality of farctura.