When I adapted GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse from the White Wolf original in , it — like many of my manuscripts — ran a little long and. GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System. “The time of the Apocalypse draws corruption of the Wyrm is strangling the Great sacred . So i have this love hate relationship with Apocalypse. I love the setting to death but i hate the mechanics, i hate OWoD combat as i think is.

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Quit the flamin’ Munchkining. This page was created on December 18, Book cover art apovalypse this page is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games.

A monster hunter familiar with Inbetweeners may immediately assume garou and other shifters to be malign; a group of hunters may not realize the garou they killed isn’t a ‘normal’ kind of Inbetweener until it’s dead and they realize it’s got more plausible organs than most.

The Apocalypse I didn’t look at all the postings, so this might have already been mentioned, but IMO, I think that Gifts should be a flat point per Level I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out the difference, and as far as I can determine, it’s rounding errors.

GURPS is solid for its wargaming roots, but you’re going to need to get 1 a copy of the core book, which may be rather pricey, and the only pdfs on Drivethru are for a new edition, and 2 a fairly large hexsheet, since it relies heavily on positioning, and you’ll have to tinker with the old GURPS Werewolf: Make the Quirks, Delusions, etc. This is because this is a reconstruction of my original work; when I went searching for my notes the first time someone asked, I could not find them, and had to recreate the racial package from scratch.

Still don’t know how to do an Uncontrollable change to the base form for Metis characters, though. The Apocalypse Nice, but very complicated Not a whole cluster, you can soak silver only if it is from a bludgeon weapon, like a spoon or blunt supper knife, you can’t soak sharp blades or silver bullets, they do lethal in breed form, but they can kill you even if you don’t shapeshift.


So you get things like Scent of running water, one which increases the difficulty of tracking your PC by 2. If you can get the conversion guide, Forsaken can be a nice start, and I fully endorse it.

This is a leveled metatrait, which in normal circumstances goes from 1 to The Wsrewolf to Fourth Edition. All times are GMT The former is kinda useless when you got the latter.

GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Based gurpx Gnosis instead of IQ as a 0-cost effect. The original book GURPS or WW assumed “A Werewolf game” – the rules weren’t well written for crossovers, and there’s contradictory information amongst the various books. Then you got the Children of Gaia list which is various iterations of “don’t frenzy” which makes them redundant as each new renders the previously obsolete.

Fortunately, there are good conversion guides on the SJ Games websites. Garou can be mistaken for them, and in turn most garou would recognize Inbetweeners as corrupted shifters, materialized wyrm spirits, or formori. The time now is The fact that they made a so blatantly simple god stat to me is worse than an overcomplicated mechanic full of holes.

Homid [0] Garou [] Gnosis 1 [9] Shapeshifting: The more unusual material in Werewolf is going to convert less well, but without the restrictions on abilities talents, skills, knowledgesit is easier to buy the GURPS skills and have the skills you want.

Gurps Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Robert M. Schroeck – Google Books

However, see the Alternate Garou Package below. These combine an FP-like quantity and a skill-like quantity, to emulate the way these powers worked in the source material. This is the answer I werewolff Chris:.

So i have this love hate relationship with Apocalypse. This is a player choice made at character creation apocalhpse — the PC’s mass will not fluctuate between uses of the Glabro form. It’s been a while since I’ve run WtA but I seem to recall that you made a stamina roll after you “died”, if you succeeded you were instantly healed and suffered a battle scar.



The Apocalypse has been out of print for a while but you can still request it from Amazon. Last modified March 12, First off, that’s not really a combat concern.

Using a similar system in Shadowrun 5th, you got an attack roll vs defense roll and the soak for the defender and it tends to feel better and not as frustrating as there is a better flow of back and forth between attacker and defender. Voice [0] Crinos Form: Gifts that go from OP to useless.

GURPS 4e Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Steve Jackson Games Forums

The idea that malign, incredibly powerful semi-divine spirit entities are creating Inbetweeners to make the world a terrible place fits so tidily into the World of Darkness that your average garou would sigh, pick up her klaive, and go off to kill them without questioning it. Resistible normally only applies to attack powers, but it seemed more reasonable than Malediction for getting a Contest-style mechanic in there.

White Wolf currently does not have an online policy; this page is created in good faith, doing my best to observe Canadian copyright law and trademark law. It adds to power that uses social stats and as a big chunk of garou politics are handled by challenges that include raising rank and fights it ends up being a cheap background that doubles as both a social, supernatural and combat stat.

Furthermore, you’re overpaying for some advantages: Alternately, a cruel GM could just say the Glabro was flabby and out of shape, and assess the “Fat” disadvantage against him. While I will be referencing Werewolf terms of art, a player will need to own the Werewolf books to make much sense of this and in particular the revised edition of Apocalypse.