Ireke Onibudo by bluerange(f): am On Mar 05, Get the 5 classics by a all written in Yoruba. Call By the end of this year’s edition of the Chams Theatre series, which is featuring D.O. Fagunwa’s, Ireke Onibudo, theatre goers in. Ireke Onibudo, at the National Arts Theatre appraises the production against the background of the development of the stage performing art in.

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Isola uses the flashback oinbudo as the nowaged Akaraogun looks back at the adventures he andhis fellow hunters undertook.

A chief of the Yoruba, Fagunwa studied at St.

That young girl is ierke short of a black activist as a victim of colour bar. The answer is not farfetched; we value ourselves at a distance. Home Ireke Onibudo By D. He looked more excited. The Series has lived up to a promise of enlivening the pleasure of the people and enlarging the pockets of practitioners.

Ireke Onibudo – Literature – Nigeria

Dele, while in Nigeria spoke through his nose; it amazes than amuses my wife that her oga desires so much the feel of being a Nigerian with the spontaneity at which he infused Yoruba language in their phone conversations. The fact that the translators, Professors Osofisan and Isola, as well as the artistic directors, Dr.

AT the end, a critic complained that the play was too long. Three hours or so of dance and drama may be quite hard on the backsides. Fagunwa hasshown us that we have our ownfolklore and fables, our stories and sagacOver stOrycover story8 futureteNse8 futureteNseand heroes as authentically rich, andenriching, as any other in the worldrepertory. There were also Mr. The monarch then comes up with a creative schemeto send this potential rival out of sight.


He also specially acknowledged the team responsible for the second edition of the theatre series including Fiyinfolu Okedare, Ayodeji Akindele, Isioma Eboka, Bisola Oladipo and Dayo Olajuwon. Play wrights Prof Femi Osofisan and Prof Akinwun-mi Isola present interesting dimensions to the OgbojuOde story that deepened audience appreciation of thestory. The company is extending the number of shows from seven, onnibudo it had last year, to eleven this year in response to popular demand.

The play placed emphasis on the capabilities of man in the struggle for survival. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But that is not ireme story.

Literature Of The Month | Ireke Onibudo

Oyewo, are among the best that could be found anywhere in the world, really had a great impact on the performances. Now reduced to four men after the death oftheir colleagues, the adventurers learn to their surpriseyet relief that Langbodo is not a physical space but astate of being where humans come to a fuller realisa-tion of their essence and learn to live in love and har-mony with other beings.

Culture and Tourism ministerMr. The patriarchal ideology of ifomofoko i. Andrew’s College, Oyo before becoming a teacher himself. Other criticspointed to his knowledgeof the Yoruba mind, hiscareful observation of themanners and mannerismsof his characters, and hisskill as a storyteller. To enlighten and entertain at once. The sound effects onibuxo creatively employed to intensify the reality of the setting. Beyond that, it was obvious he found relish in Yoruba proverbs and idiomatic expressions.

He died in a motor accident in Chams plc has acquired he rights tothe five works of D. There was standing roomonly as the hall was brimful. Ireke Onibudo By D.


Fagunwa’s Ireke Onibudo now on video

This novel was irfke read back in the day and while oniibudo author might not have agreed with some aspects of Yoruba culture at least he did teach its readers about the ireie things were done which is missing alot these days. Thanks for stopping by. The lights were used as transistional guide to seamlessly link the scenes.

Thus, the strong and unpalatable suggestion that there is a river of interpretation he was too scared or ill equipped to cross. The effects brought life to the performance. He was a teacherand writer. His language is onbiudo Both adaptations gave prominence to the interplay of humour, as well the presence of all dramatic ingredients which Fagunwa injected into the writing of the play, like fables, folktales, poetry, perseverance, love etc.

It gladdens my heart to know that Chams is sponsoring this unique experience as a strategic intervention and contribution to the rejuvenation of the Arts and stage culture in Nigeria. Ergo — the song and dance routines that trailed the tale at every turn.

Ireke Onibudo By D.O Fagunwa (HardCover)

Therefore, Abuja and Onibudp residents can expect to also enjoy what Lagos and Ibadan theatre lovers had enjoyed by storming the Cyprian Ekwensi Centre for Arts and Culture, Abuja and Adegbemila Hall, Akure, when the performance train gets to their cities.

Children drawn from schools across Lagos also saw the English adaptation on Monday, November 9 at the same venue.

Where is your Chams?