Whenever they pray they add Olorun Joseph Ayo Babalola. That is how much he is reverred by CAC adherents. This is one of the things that got us curious in. JABU, a private University in Nigeria to provide teaching, research and service that would encourage learning and stimulate academic exchange nationally and . Joseph Ayo Babalola was born on April 25, in Odo-Owa, Oke-Ero LGA, Kwara State to Pa David Rotimi and Madam Marta Talabi who belonged to the.

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Consequently, wherever and whenever he prayed into water for therapeutic purposes, effective healing was procured for those who drank the water.

He became the prophet of God in when God called him. Men like Moses and Jeremiah submitted to God only when it became inevitable. Ao the record, within three weeks Babalola had cured about lepers, 60 blind people and 50 lame persons.

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This page is available in:. The same voice came to Joseph a second time asking him to fast for seven days. He told the inhabitants of Odo-Owa about an impending danger if they did not repent. Just like the Old Testament prophets, Babalola was called by God into the prophetic office to stand before men [3]. Babalola retreated to his home town in Odo-Owa for a personal prayer ayl.

Joseph Ayo Babalola University – Wikipedia

The Lord said I should rub my face with ashes and to carry palm leaves in my hand and to buy a bell, which I was to be ringing the moment I entered the town and I obeyed. He later joined the Faith Tabernacle Church in November where he was baptized in Lagos lagoon in December the same year. The mother of the dead child who was restored to life went about spreading the news around the town of Ilesa proclaiming that a miracle working prophet had come to the town of Oke-Oye.

After serving the jail term, he went back to Efon Alaaye.


He further revealed that God had granted unto him the power to deliver those who were possessed of evil spirits in the world.

For further information consult E.

Joseph Ayo Babalola

On January 18,young Babalola was taken babaloa his brother M. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. While the water is said to be used for healing of all illness and disease and it opening the womb of any barren women. In October babalila, he entered the town in the manner described and was taken for a mad man.

The voice was loud and clear and it told him that he would aho if he refused to heed the divine call to go babaolla the world and preach. Read More About This Feature Babalola organized regular prayer meetings in this church [7] which many people attended because of the miracles God performed through him. He was among the road workers who constructed the road from Igbara-Oke to Ilesa, working as a steam roller driver. Estate Management College Admission Requirements: The climax came one day when he was, as usual, working on the Ilesa-Igbara-Oke road.

On that same day I entered the town with a bell in my hand. After a successful campaign in the Gold Coast he returned to Nigeria.

His campaign there was very ayl. Another fact was that, before he even took the ministry, there was prophecy that he was going to work for God for just 30 years before he will be call upon by God. For online application, Click Here Online registration issues, call The leaders from America, however, refused to come as such a venture was said to be against their principles. A pass in Physics is acceptable. Doctrinal differences between the two groups soon began to appear in forms similar to the ones that caused the termination of the association with the American groups.

Pastor Titus was a teacher and preacher at the Sudan Interior Mission which was then thriving at Yagba. The Muslims in Offa became jealous and for that reason incited the members of the community against him.

One of the palm tree was dry Ogbethe other palm tree was rusted Oro while the last one was fresh O tututhe dry palm tree are for those who refuse to accepted him as there God will dry of fat the end. Babalola requested an open space for prayer from the Oba who willingly and cheerfully gave him the privilege to choose a site.


Our Address, Main Campus: He was sentenced to jail for six months babaloola Benin City in March He was to arrive in the town on a market day, cover his body with palm fronds and disfigure himself with charcoal paints.

Some of the Exploits of Apostle Ayodele Babalola | Believers Today

In defense against the prophesied invasion of the town by wild beasts the people of the town armed themselves with Guns and Cutlasses. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

He also sometime stand for 7 days praying to God unstop.

The big tree was traditionally believed to be the rendez-vous of witches and wizards. It is said that a big python coiled around the pot on which the god was placed. When the prophet returned from the Calabar area, he settled down for a while. The dumb spoke and lunatics were cured. In he married Dorcas. There was no visible mechanical problem, and Joseph became confused and perplexed. He introduced Prophet Babalola to Pastor D.

These issues had caused dissension at the IIesa Tabernacle and in order to avoid a split, a delegation of peacemakers made up of all leading Faith Tabernacle pastors, was sent to Ilesa. Great King Of Juju Music. The missionaries entered the bush, cleared it and consecrated it as a prayer ground. His people however refused to repent or change their ways they instead summarily beat him up and his family was subjected to heavy persecution by the people of the town.

After listening to the details of his call and his ministry, the Faith Tabernacle leaders warmly received the young prophet into their midst.