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Lei /68 by ricardo marçal on Prezi

Establishing collective administrative organs. Independent information desk for evaluation and management of appeals Article Education and Research in Public Health. Para 6 repeals art. Particulars to be contained in and mode of service of notice. Starting from the entry into force of the present Law: Dentre as geotecnologias podemos destacar: Compensation for death of a family member Chapter VII: Core of the National Mechanism; 7: Special fee for the insurance coverage estatutl farmhands; Art.

Selection announcement for managers. Ghana – Seguridad social – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.


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Regulation of outdated liabilities or non-attributed incomes of EL. Cash sickness benefit; Art. El reglamento se estructura de la siguiente manera: Pension schemes Chapter V: Application of common regulations on persons insured under both the Public and Private Sector; Art.

Guinea Ecuatorial – Seguridad social – Ley.

National Insurance Act, Cap. Regulates, inter alia, questions related to social protection of certain categories of workers in the education sector. Transitional provision for the pensions of the Public Service; Supplementing the mandate of the Financial Police; Article Outlook and Strategy; 2: Governs entitlement to disability benefit, disablement benefit, assessment of disability, death benefit, funeral grant, and benefits for certain occupational diseases.

System of Grade Rating. Ficando estabelecida a data de: Especially, with regard to the insurance of persons estatutl to in article 40, the social contribution for healthcare is gradually increased from Public sector retirement scheme issues. Chapter A introduces measures of direct financial assistance for the benefit of persons and families living under conditions of extreme poverty, concerning the free of cost electricity reconnection and provision article 1a rental allowance for securing housing 110261 2 estatuti a feeding subsidy article 3.


Social security Unemployment benefit regulations No. Electronic linking and reduction of bureaucratic process Article Article 1, paragraph ID’, subparagraph ID1, case 1 provides for measures tackling and intercepting unemployment.

Selection announcement for managers. Provisions concerning collective bargaining.

Regulates legal and economic relations arising from citizens’ right to healthcare, provides for a set of State social guarantees in this field. The Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Protection shall implement and monitor the program, as set forth in the Decree, in collaboration with Estatuo, and local and self-governance bodies.

Assistance to families with 3 children Chapter B: