Lord of Scoundrels is a Regency romance novel by American author Loretta Chase. Published in by Avon Books, it is the third installment of her. Lord of Scoundrels. Loretta Chase. Buy This Book. An AAR Top Romance. review originally published on May 15, Lord of Scoundrels held the #1 spot . BOOK REVIEW: Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase Lord Dain can’t wait to put the infuriating bluestocking in her place—and in some.

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The first book of the series is The Lion’s Daughter. Plus the hero had some very dark parts of his personality that needed to be worked through.

About Loretta Chase Loretta Chase has worked in academe, retail, and the visual arts, as well as on the streets-as a meter maid-and in video, as a scriptwriter. Jessica knows she has to put a stop to this, chaae she goes to confront Dain.

Desert Isle Keeper

By giving Dain Italian ancestry through his mother, Chase was able to develop his character and justify his motivations. Is LoS so much better than the rest of them? How cool is that? A future romance-favorite to read or listening to again and again.

But they are incredibly effective, because of the passion between Jessica and Dain, lorefta the deep caring and love they feel for each other. That’s fate right there. The novel’s ecoundrels has endured and it is still considered one of the best historical romances ever published.

The Best Books of Jessica herself is not a young maiden but is constantly getting marriage offers due to her beauty and rich family. We don’t need their backstory, and she doesn’t dump one on us!

It was there that she met a video producer who inspired her to write novels and marry him. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Written December 13, 5 Huge Stars – Hilarious chuckling fun audiobook listening. But it’s her brother that’s the real trouble.


Jessica was such a good strong heroine who knew what she was getting into but decided it was worth the effort because she loved Dain. Afterwards, Jessica promptly falls asleep, causing her husband to seethe “that was what he was supposed to do”. Gy that lesson is -do not be a monster! Any “bystander” could fill their role. I know all of his trust issues were chasf ‘ by his mother.

Lord of Scoundrels — All About Romance

The banter, the humor, the poignancy, the larger than life hero, and the uber-sharp heroine who outwits everyone — it just all works for me. My favorite Chases are: He is half Italian, so he has a big nose and a very awkward body as a child for which he is tormented mercilessly while at Eton, where his dad sent him when he was eight. Definitivamente una historia preciosa.

There’s a statement made by Jessica where she thinks or says she cannot resist him, and he is baffled that she would feel that way, used to being considered ugly as sin.

Lord of Scoundrels – Wikipedia

There’s the typical jack-in-the-box peen action, where the peen springs out of trousers like a wind-up toy, and talk of feminine curves and sleek curls, but there’s also a few retroly bizarro lines like this: So why in Gods name did she want, and eventually love a moron that liked whores and had so much self issues it was ghastly?!!

Interview with Loretta Chae. Bertie, the brother, is an amusing minor character who made me laugh in other books – but again, no book overlap.

He is also used to controlling others through fear, intimidation, and – of course – money, and has made a name for himself with these horribly improper behaviors. And most of all-the resolution in the end. Now I know why this book is considered a classic in the romance genre. It was like things almost hit the mark, but they never quite hit the center.


You just have to like him, no? He chasr an ugly personality and the authors nice little comment about how he will be clay in his father hands is disgusting! A look, a touch, they are all forbidden and dangerous.

Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. And I have read few books that could manage poignancy and humor so well. The author tries scouundrels make a Oprah moment out of this saying that he was neither pretty by face nor by nature. Sobre todo el inicio: I found it chass unnecessary stretch. The dialogue is witty and fun and the characters are interesting. LOS is one of my favorites because it avoids all the stupidities many romance novelists make their supposedly intelligent heroines do just to advance a creaky plot.

And you must lie there. The son takes a liking to the bed in which his father and lady have constant sex. She informs him that regrettably she has to take back her gift and why…with the result that he solves the dilemma. He gets himself into a brawl and drinks himself senseless on their wedding night, he decides he doesn’t want to consummate the marriage all of a sudden due to some crazy fear he’ll hurt her in the act, Jessica finally seduces him into taking her but afterward Sebastian deliberately acts callus towards her, only showing affection when making love.

Give it a try. Great hero, heroine, story, humor, romance, angst. Near the sciundrels of the story, Jessica is the one who initiates consummation of their marriage, by seducing Dain.

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